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DWI Defense Strategy #3.
“Challenging The 20 Minute Observation Period”

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The arresting officer is required by law to observe you, in a room, by yourself, for 20 minutes before administering the Alcotest. The reason for this is that if a defendant chews gun, smokes a cigarette, burps, eats something, etc. this will affect the defendant’s mouth alcohol levels and could create a false reading on the breath testing machine.

If this 20 minute period is interrupted for any reason, (maybe you used the bathroom or the officer left the room) then the reading can’t be proven as valid and the case will be thrown out.

“This video is an informative overview of DWI charges:”

Main Video On DWI Charges

“The following videos explain how we can fight against your DWI charges:”

1.) Challenge the Initial Motor Vehicle Stoppage
2.) Challenge the Field Sobriety Tests
4.) Challenge the AlkaTest machine itself

For more information about NJ Drunk Driving charges, our entire video series is published on the sidebar. Good luck!