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DWI Overview And Strategy Videos

Beating Your NJ DWI Charges

“This top video is an overview of DWI charges.”

Videos on “How To Get out of DWI Charges” are listed below. Please Click Here to answer any other New Jersey DWI related questions that you might have.

There are a couple of factors that determine the severity of the charge against you.  For one, the law considers the number of DWI offenses you’ve actually been arrested for.  First DWI offenses are not treated nearly as harshly as subsequent DWI offenses and the penalties get much worse each time you break this law.

In addition to the number of offenses, the main factor in determining the severity of your charge is the measurement of how drunk you actually were… Read More

“These videos explain how we will fight against your DWI charges:”

Challenge the Initial Motor Vehicle Stoppage
Challenge the Field Sobriety Tests
Challenge the 20 Minute Observation Period
Challenge the Alcotest 7110 machine itself

We are highly experienced in NJ DWI defense. Our firm can potentially beat your charges using our advanced DWI defense system