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The Ignition Interlock Device

NJ DWI Lawyer

“The ignition interlock device is New Jersey’s in car breathalyzer.”

The ignition interlock device is a machine that might be installed in your car (depending on the nature of your DWI conviction).

The machine tests your blood alcohol level before your vehicle can be started.  If your breath reading indicates that you have consumed too much alcohol, your vehicle will fail to start.  Obviously, this machine is intended to be a preventative measure to your drunk driving.

Not every DWI conviction will result in the installation of an ignition interlock device.  Multiple DWI offenses can lead to the mandatory installation, as can DWI convictions with unusually high blood alcohol content.

The ignition interlock device is expensive.  It’s going to cost thousands of dollars between the installation fee and the service costs for maintaining the device in your vehicle.  Obviously this is going to add up, especially in conjunction with your fines, insurance premiums, and DMV surcharges.

Additionally, it’s embarrassing to have this object in your car.  Imagine going out on a date and having to blow into the interlock device before your car starts… not a good look.

Its best to avoid being “sentenced” to the use of an ignition interlock device and a NJ DWI lawyer can help.  We can potentially have your DWI or DUI case dismissed entirely.  If not, we can challenge the accuracy of your initial breath test reading or negotiate an alternative sentence depending on the strength of your DWI case.

If you would like to learn more about how we can fight your case, please watch our advanced DWI defense strategy videos, or give The Tormey Firm a call for a free consultation.

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