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About The Tormey Law Firm

Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer In NJ

“When you’re hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you want to feel as though your legal issues are in the best hands possible.”

The Tormey Law Firm- DWI and Crminal Defense Attorney

This of course requires some faith in your attorney, and a level of trust that doesn’t come easily.  At the Tormey Law Firm, we pride ourselves in being able to develop a personal relationship with our clients.  You will be confident that we are fighting as hard as possible, to get you the best possible result in your case

We are here to educate you throughout the legal process you are facing, and hopefully make you feel at ease.  We are a firm of aggressive trial lawyers.  We enjoy fighting cases and winning them.  When appropriate, we will negotiate a plea, but these decisions are made as a team.

It’s our job to let you know what you face, the best way that we can fight, or when it’s a good idea to make a deal with the prosecutor.  Regardless, our firm is absolutely dedicated to getting you the best outcome.

“Our clients rely on us to aggressively defend them against a wide range of criminal charges. We do so by investigating every factor in the charge and vigorously challenging law enforcement on every possible aspect.”
-Travis J. Tormey Esq.

If you need a criminal lawyer in NJ, contact Travis J. Tormey, Esq., as early as possible after your arrest.

Travis is an experienced DWI and  criminal defense trial lawyer who has represented clients throughout New Jersey and has been victorious in countless major cases. He represents clients charged with criminal and traffic offenses including assault, robbery, credit card fraud, drunk driving, and virtually anything that could potentially put you behind bars.

In his extensive time as an aggressive criminal lawyer in NJ, Travis has become extremely well versed in the best methods to use when attacking any case, and prosecutors in NJ are aware of his talent as a trial lawyer.  This reputation will work to your advantage.

His office conveniently located in Bergen County, New Jersey, but Travis represents clients anywhere in NJ.

Please feel free to contact Travis to discuss your case at any time.

Travis J. Tormey Esq.
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