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Assault Charges In New Jersey

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“Assault charges in New Jersey are considered violent crimes.  These offenses are clearly very serious and should be handled accordingly.”

Aggravated assault lawyer in NJ

If you’ve been arrested for assault charges in New Jersey, you could be facing some very serious consequences which vary depending on the grading of the crime.  A lengthy prison sentence and a violent crime on your criminal record should be avoided in any case.

The criminal defense lawyers at The Tormey Law Firm handle aggravated assault charges and simple assault charges on a regular basis.  We have current New Jersey prosecutors on our staff helping us to assess cases from both sides of the court-room, in addition to advanced defensed strategies that will apply to your case.

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Fights happen, it’s unfortunately a part of life.  In our country’s recent past, fights and physical injury have become a really big deal.  It’s not the wild west anymore; not only will you get thrown in jail, you can end up losing the shirt off of your back in civil suits.

First, we need to figure out what type of assault charge you really face.

Aggravated assault can be a bar fight, domestic violence incident, or vehicular assault. To assess how serious your aggravated assault charge might be, we need to determine the degree of the injuries that the other person sustained and whether or not a weapon was involved. This can escalate your charge from a simple assault to a second-degree aggravated assault.

A simple assault charge is clearly preferred to other more serious charges.  It is treated as a misdemeanor disorderly persons offense, so you won’t end up with a criminal record, and you won’t spend years in jail.   If we can prove that your case wasn’t aggravated assault at all, we’re on the right path to getting you out of trouble.  The next question you might have is:

“How much trouble?”

Aggravated assault is measured in degrees, as you move up in degrees, you move up in penalties, jail-time, etc. The degree is determined by factors including the nature of the force used, the nature of the injuries to the victim, whether or not a weapon was involved, and even who the person was (for example, a law enforcement officer, a nurse, a fireman, etc.).

Regardless of the degree of the aggravated assault offense, you will be exposed to the following potential penalties:

  • Fines
  • Jail Time (State Prison or County Jail)
  • Probation
  • A Permanent Indictable (Felony) Charge on Your Record

NOTE: An experienced criminal defense attorney can combat the State’s charges with any of the following potential defenses:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others
  • Mutual fighting
  • The injuries to the alleged victim are not severe
  • There was not a weapon involved
  • The alleged victim does not want to press charges

Assault cases frequently depend on the circumstances surrounding the event. Frequently, it’s us to the me as a defense attorney to recreate that event in the court room. The way that we paint that picture vs. the way the prosecution is attempting to do so will play a large part in the outcome.

For this reason, it’s incredibly important to contact a lawyer that is well versed in trial law, and understands what needs to be done to win these cases.  Please contact my office any time for more information.

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Please call our office any time and we’re happy to talk to you about your case, and exactly what we can do to help.

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For more information on assault charges, I would recommend doing some research on assault charges in Wikipedia.

You can also search Google for other assault attorneys in New Jersey, simple assault charges, aggravated assault charges, and more information about New Jersey law.

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