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NJ Traffic Violations Lawyer

“Traffic matters are a burden on everyone. By hiring a lawyer to deal with this process, you can potentially beat this case and you will definitely avoid wasting a day in court.”

Traffic Lawyer In NJ - Hackensack Attorney for traffic tickets

If you have a serious traffic matter (like getting pulled over when doubling the speed limit), or a pile of tickets, you could face a loss of license and tons of fines.

This is in addition to insurance costs going up, points on your license, and the frustration of going to court to deal with the mess.

Hiring a traffic lawyer can result in a much better outcome, help you expedite your day in court, and possibly help you beat a couple tickets.

Imagine this for a second, you might have to call your boss and explain why you’re going to be late on a given day.  You show up in court 15 minutes early, it’s 8:45 and you’re ready to get your case taken care of.

Hopefully, they’re willing to get rid of some points, but you never know.  You sit and wait quietly in court, no phones allowed, so you look around at the other folks and the legal decorations on the walls.

Time passes…

At this point its 9:45 and the judge hasn’t even walked in the room yet.  By the time he’s called everyone’s names and finished his speech, it’s 10:30 and not a single case has been tried.  You’ve sat for almost two hours and you have at least two more to go before its all over.  You’re going to be very bored, and you’re going to miss whatever you had to do that day.

Being in court stinks.  Its a waste of time, the benches are hard, and your brain recoils from the boredom.  One of the best reasons to hire a lawyer is to save yourself some time and cut the line.  Any cases represented by a lawyer are tried first, so the handful of people that hire an attorney get out first.

The second reason to hire a lawyer for a traffic matter is for the sake of negotiations.

Traffic matters are not the most serious issues in the eyes of the court, and its best if the employees and resources of the municipality aren’t tied up taking traffic matters to trial.  For this reason, most prosecutors are happy to make a deal with an experienced attorney, and get some of the matters resolved immediately.

People who represent themselves are not a threat to a prosecutor.  Based on a complete lack of knowledge with respect to courtroom proceedings, they are virtually guaranteed to lose cases and not be taken seriously by any judge.  Taking this into consideration, no prosecutor is going to give you a good negotiation when you can’t actually threaten to win the case.

Good criminal defense lawyers know how to fight against radar detectors, how to challenge a police officer’s right to pull you over, and how to make motions to dismiss cases when the necessary officers don’t show up to court on a given day.

If you are facing a loss of license, you should strongly consider hiring a traffic lawyer.  Losing your driver’s license is unimaginably hard.  You need to learn a completely different way to travel to work, your social life suffers badly, and little things like grocery shopping become an extreme chore.  You will spend enough money on cabs, public transportation, and wasted time to pay for a lawyers fees five times over.

If you are about to lose your license, you need to fight.

This of course starts in the meeting with the prosecutor and your lawyer before the case even goes to court.  If your only goal is to keep your license, your lawyer can push hard in the negotiation to keep it for you.

If the prosecutor isn’t willing to make that deal, what do you have to lose?  You might as well take the case to court and fight as hard as you can.  You can challenge things like the calibration of the radar gun, probable cause for the vehicle stop, or even just hope that the officer doesn’t show up so the case can be tossed.  This happens more than you might think.  Policemen go on vacation, they get busy in the field, or it might just be their day off.

If you can win your case, then it’s as if the vehicle stop never existed.  You don’t pay a single fine, you don’t get points, you keep your license, and you get to walk out court early with your held high.  This is certainly no guarantee, but it’s a much better way to start your day than having to call a cab to show up to work several hours late.

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