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Restraining Orders In New Jersey

“This video gives some basic information about restraining orders. Our restraining order defense strategies are listed below.”

Restraining Order NJ – Information About Restraining Orders NJ

Restraining Orders are a very complex area of law in New Jersey. Often, the filing of a restraining order is also related to criminal charges which were filed but not necessarily in every case. As a result, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer that understands the system and the intricacies of both restraining orders and criminal charges. Our lawyers at the Tormey Law Firm knows How To Beat Restraining Orders.

Travis Tormey has defended thousands of clients in situations just like yours and has fought restraining orders is almost every county in the State of New Jersey. Further, Alissa Hascup is a former domestic violence prosecutor and she now utilizes her vast experience in defending clients against domestic violence charges on a daily basis. Contact our offices anytime for a free consultation at 201-556-1571.

Restraining Order Defense Strategies:

#1. Challenge the predicate act
#2. Challenge the prior history of domestic violence
#3. Challenge the reasonable fear for safety.

Other Restraining Order Info

Restraining Order Vs. No Contact Order