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Plea Bargaining In New Jersey

NJ Plea Bargains – NJ Plea Bargaining – New Jersey Plea Bargains – Plea Bargains in New Jersey

“Sometimes a plea bargain can create the best result in your case. While it’s not as good as a dismissal, it can put your legal issues in your past.”

Plea BargainingA plea bargain is essentially an arrangement between the defense and the prosecutor in which some concession is made in exchange for a guilty plea.  Sometimes certain charges will be downgraded to a lesser offense in exchange for a guilty plea, sometimes other charges will be dismissed, and sometimes even sentencing will be lessened.

While most defendants don’t want to plead guilty to charges instead of beating them entirely, a plea can often be the best option.  For one, not all cases are a guaranteed victory if taken to trial.  Sometimes securing probation instead of extensive jail time is simply the best way to go, even if it means having a permanent criminal record.

Other times, in lesser offenses, it’s often best to take a lesser penalty in order to avoid a lengthy criminal trial process.  Prosecutors frequently will give very good deals on small offenses simply to move the legal process along.  Many municipalities are backed up enough as it is, and it doesn’t help to be sending insignificant matters to trial.

The most important element in getting a good plea bargain is having an aggressive defense.  Prosecutors are not going to give you a good deal unless they think that your defense attorneys are able to punch holes in their case.  Your attorney needs to pose a threat in order to secure the best deal.  If he or she can show that the case will probably be defeated even after a lengthy trial, the prosecutor will usually make a very reasonable offer.

No matter what the best strategy is in your case, having aggressive criminal trial lawyers in your corner is the best way to get a positive result in your case.  Call The Tormey Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your case. (201) 556-1571

For more information about plea bargains, Wikipedia is a good place to do some research.