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Marijuana and the Law – Fighting Charges

Fighting NJ Marijuana Possession Video

How To Beat NJ Marijuana Charges

Part 1.

“Challenge The Motor Vehicle Stop”

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Many times the arrest is made during a traffic stop in which the officers smells, sees, or mysteriously detects the marijuana in your car.  I don’t care how he finds it, the vehicle stop itself has to be legal.  For example, if the officer pulls you over because your music was loud, it looked like you were speeding, he didn’t like the color of your car, or he just had a hunch, then most likely you can get your case dismissed.  The officer needs to present a valid reason for having conducted this vehicle stoppage, or anything that resulted in his pulling you over is thrown out.

The first video is an overview on marijuana law:

Marijuana Charge Overview

These Videos are about fighting charges:

2.) Challenge Chain Of Custody
3.) Challenge The Lab Reports
4.) Challenging Your “Possession” of Marijuana
5.) Challenging Illegal Searches

The last two are about Diversionary Programs that can take care of your charges entirely:

Conditional Discharge
Pre Trial Intervention