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Laws For Marijuana And Strategy Videos

Fighting Possession Of Marijuana Charges

“This video is an overview of Marijuana charges.”

Scroll down to see how I fight Marijuana charges

When trying to figure out how serious your charge might be, the first thing you need to look at is the actual weight of the pot you were caught with, specifically, how many grams.  Small amounts of marijuana are all grouped in the same category of “slap on the wrist” type penalties until you hit 50 grams.  (This is just less than two ounces, if you’re not sure how much you were caught with.)  If you are arrested with any marijuana weight under 50 grams, you are eligible for a “conditional discharge”.  If you were arrested for more than 50 grams, you face a very different situation.

“These videos explain how I fight against marijuana charges:”

1.) Challenging The Motor Vehicle Stop
2.) Challenge Chain Of Custody
3.) Challenge The Lab Reports
4.) Challenging Your “Possession” of Marijuana
5.) Challenging Illegal Searches

Diversionary Programs That Can Eliminate Your Charges:

Conditional Discharge
Pre Trial Intervention

Drug charges in New Jersey can be very serious or a simple slap on the wrist. This depends on the type of drug, the quantity possessed , and what you intended to do with the drugs. No matter what your drug charge, our goal is to beat your case.