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Bergen County Criminal and DWI Defense
This page has a ton of information on criminal charges and DWI defense in Bergen County NJ.

Morristown Criminal Law Post
A long time blog, that I've written and run for years.  There is a ton of great legal content on this site!

The Tormey Firm has a domestic violence defense page which can be found at:

Morristown Criminal Law

Essex County Criminal Law

Just A Few Of Our Victories in Court

NJ Criminal Law Firm Court Room Victories

“This is a fraction of the law cases that we have handled successfully… there are many more that we have not put up on this site.”

DWI Stop Defeated
DWI and Refusal to submit breath test 39:4-50 and 39:4-50.2
Marijuana Possession Charges Beaten
Theft Charges Successfully Defended
Resisting Arrest
Illegal Car Searches
Gun Charges Defended
Fighting Consented Searches
Restraining Orders
Disorderly Conduct Charges Beaten
Criminal Mischief
Receiving Stolen Property
Burglary charges
Simple Assault
Drug Paraphenalia
Marijuana Possession
DWI #1.
DWI #2.
DWI #3.
DWI #4.

…and many more

The New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys in our firm are highly adept at challenging every detail in your arrest or DWI, and finding the loopholes that can lead your case to be dismissed.