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Is DWI or DUI a criminal charge in NJ?

“Is DWI a criminal charge in New Jersey? Will it show up on a background check?”

Videos on “How To Get out of DWI Charges” are Listed Below:

“IS DWI or DUI a criminal charge in New Jersey?”

Answer: No. DWI is not a criminal charge and as a result, it will not show up on any type of criminal background check. This is good news if you were worried about your ability to find a job or apply for some type of housing.

DWI is referred to as a “quasi-criminal offense” in New Jersey. This basically means that it shares some of the characteristics of a criminal charge, but not all of them. This is true in the sense that you can potentially end up in jail depending on the severity of your offense, how you handle it, or the number of times you have been arrested for the charge. Still, the bottom line is: if you are convicted of DWI, you won’t have a permanent criminal record.

“These videos explain how we will fight against your DWI charges:”

Challenge the Initial Motor Vehicle Stoppage
Challenge the Field Sobriety Tests
Challenge the 20 Minute Observation Period
Challenge the Alcotest 7110 machine itself