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Fourth Degree Crimes in New Jersey

fourth degree crimes njOn the bright side, fourth degree crimes allow you to be eligible for PTI, or the pretrial intervention program.  This is a diversionary program, which will allow you to set aside your criminal case and you will be offered a period of probation instead of a trial.  If you complete this period of probation without issue, you charges will be dismissed entirely, and no evidence of your charges will exist.  This is frequently the best option for crimes of the fourth degree.

That said, every crime is different, and looking at the “degree” of a criminal charge doesn’t really help us in fighting your case.  Each charge has specific defense strategies that we can utilize to potentially have your case dismissed.  We highly recommend you take a look at our Top 5 Ways To Beat A Criminal Charge series or take a look at our “common charges” section where you can see a list of pages that we have about most crimes that you might face.  You can also visit our site index and press Control (or Command) +F to search by keywords.

For more information about your case, the PTI program, or your eligibility, please give my office a call at (201) 556-1571.

Here are a few examples of fourth degree crimes:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Assault Charges – Usually of a lesser degree, without major injuries
  • Shoplifting if the items value is between $200 and $500 dollars

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